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MaD is a not-for-profit organisation aiming to connect and support professionals in the areas of sustainability, social impact, health & wellbeing and, more in general, any individual interested in producing positive impact in society and the environment.

Live events happening in London and Birmingham.

Edith Colomba, founder of the Make a Difference Networking community explains what the initiative is all about.

Thanks to Amate l'Architettura for publishing, Vita Cofano for hosting and Francesco Russo Photography for the video and editing.

Next events and activities

MaD Walk, from London Bridge to Greenwich - Saturday the 21st of May 2022 from 12pm

This is our first ever MaD Walk! Network and walk along river Thames. Pets welcome.

MaD Midlands drinks - Monday the 25th of April from 15:00

Meet at The Good Intent pub for a networking pint!

MaD mentorship exchange #3

Give/receive mentorship from fellow MaDders, in person or online.

Exchange #3 collecting requests!! Sign up HERE, it's free!


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